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Metascore by vrgamecritic.com

RIFT Release: 22 Feb (2018)

Brass Tactics

Brass Tactics takes real-time-strategy to the next level by placing you in the middle of the action on a fantastic clockwork battlefield with handcrafted units and buildings. Experience the thrill of directly moving and interacting with your creations: grab structures and place them on the battlefield, and direct your units with the sweep of your hand. You’ll find all the variety and depth of play you would expect from a classic RTS including melee, ranged and flying units, upgrades and more, all designed for a twenty-five-minute action-packed battle experience.

Easy to pick up, but challenging to master. Quick mastery of navigation and control opens up the depth of tactics and strategy to all players. In Brass Tactics the economy gathering is automatic, allowing players to focus on the strategy, tactics and cooperative or competitive play.

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