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Metascore by vrgamecritic.com

RIFT Release: 05 Dec (2016)

VIVE Release: 31 Mar (2017)

Enigma Sphere: Enhanced Edition

Enigma Sphere is a first-person VR escape game designed for both single and co-op gameplay. Embark on your mission solo or go online and team up with other super agents in co-op mode to solve puzzles, shatter Spheres, and advance the plot together.

The game's story begins with alien lifeforms plotting to destroy earth from light years away. The player is part of an elite team of Super Hackers responsible for taking control of the aliens' android army. The Super Hackers must prevent the destruction of earth by using the androids to disarm the aliens' planet destroyer weapon from within. The player will control the androids as they would their own body, and set out to destroy all of the Spheres in order to disarm the planet destroyer weapon once and for all.

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