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Metascore by vrgamecritic.com

RIFT Release: 28 Nov (2019)

Hellcats vs Zeros

Hellcats vs Zeros is a retro-style, WWII combat flight-sim sandbox set in the Pacific theater. Choose between the powerful and heavily armored US Hellcat or the light and nimble Japanese Zero. Each aircraft features a detailed and functional cockpit, assorted armaments and realistic flight characteristics. Both Hellcat and Zero cockpits are built for VR and employ hands-on controls for an immersive piloting experience. Flip the landing gear switch, move the throttle handle, open the canopy and more! All aircraft react to damage and are fully destructible. Shooting off a wing or damaging an engine affects an aircraft’s performance.

Grab the flight stick and engage in intense, multi-aircraft dogfights, shoot down incoming bombers and destroy ground targets. Shoot down practice drones, attempt a dangerous carrier landing or just fly around. Hellcats vs Zeros features campaign missions for both aircraft and a customizable free-flight mode.

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