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RIFT Release: 15 Dec (2022)

VIVE Release: 15 Dec (2022)

Category: CasualSimulation

House Flipper Pets VR

No amount of floor stains, destroyed carpets or chewed slippers can outweigh the joy you feel while playing with your four-legged friend. Experience the unique game mechanic of Furniballs which turns the process of apartment renovation and furnishing into a joyful play as simple as tossing a ball. Customize walls, floors, and furniture, make apartments nice and cozy and enjoy them together with your four-legged companions. The more you progress the more apartments, furniture, wallpapers, upholsteries, and other materials become available. Take responsibility for pets and the trouble they may cause. Clean, collect garbage, remove stains, fix damaged pieces of furniture, and change wallpapers.

Also, don’t forget about the needs of those lovely creatures. Feed them and clean up after them. Spend a great time together with pets. Toss them balls, pull the rope with them, pet them, teach them retrieving, and all sorts of new tricks. Make them happy! Enjoy all of the game aspects together in online cooperative mode.

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