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Not Yet Rated

Metascore by vrgamecritic.com

RIFT Release: 29 Jan (2018)

VIVE Release: 29 Jan (2018)


It’s been over a year since V1V3 case zero has been reported. A mutated Saedornavirus spread its deadly effects among the world killing billions of people. Those who survived are lonely, struggling in a devastated world, fighting for their life against the infected.

SURV1V3 is a a unique realistic zombie survival game expressly designed for virtual reality. You start in Santa Carla City where endless creepy scenarios, scary situations and challenging tasks await... until you meet the mysterious man who will save the world. Shoot, run, hide, pick locks, pretend to be a zombie, be smart, plan your moves and coordinate with your teammates! SURV1V3 is this and much more!

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